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    What I create from and where they live
    Today, I make all my dolls from baked plastic FIMO Doll Professional or Living Doll. They have hinge arms and a head. For hair I use a natural "goat" or "llama", but recently I started making dolls with molded hair. On the heads of dolls, you can often see bunny ears or other accessories with magnets. In tailoring my wardrobe, I most often use original Tilda fabrics, even those that have already been discontinued. I like to use non-standard techniques for sewing and decorating clothes and often invent them myself. I paint the doll with acrylics. Such a "tear-stained" and a little sad expression on the face of my dolls has already become my calling card, although not everyone likes such a painting. I find in this some kind of charm and tenderness.
    My dolls are about 26-28 cm tall. These are interior dolls and they cannot sit on their own, so each of my dolls stands on an author's stand. I love to create a whole ensemble from the stand, which complements and reveals the image of each doll. I also like to come up with more and more options for stands, each of which can pass for a separate creative work. Often my dolls have friends, these are small designer toys created using various technologies: they can be soft toys and plastic toys. And of course, each doll has its own product passport, which is nothing more than the author's drawing of the image of this doll. I always want the buyer of each of my dolls, as a child, to experience the delight of receiving and unpacking the doll and the satisfaction of owning not just a separate doll, but a small but integral piece, my doll universe.
    I sell all my dolls. I did not leave a single doll for myself. Probably, this is because I always want to add something to a doll, change something, improve something. And since I have a lot of new ideas, the process of changing a single doll can take decades. And I am really glad that my dolls, after they brought joy to me in their creation, now delight others. I put all my new dolls on public display on Instagram, where they are also sold. I like this format: you can show the doll and accessories from all sides using photographs and videos, you can read and respond to your comments about how and from what this doll was created.
    Today my dolls live in Russia, but there are many of them abroad: in Europe, in North and Central America, in Asia.
    Master classes
    It does not work for someone who does nothing.
    "Live" MC
    I held my first doll master class at the end of 2016 and since then I have been doing it regularly. I like to communicate live with the students of the courses, with novice craftswomen and simply enthusiastic people.
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    Online MC
    With the development of social networks, it became possible to conduct online broadcasts for their subscribers, and craftswomen like me have the opportunity to conduct online master classes.
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    Polina Inyakina
    Online store
    Интернет - магазин Полины Инякиной
    In the online store you can buy various video courses, as well as designer paper dolls and other accessories designed by me.
    My YouTube channel
    I created a channel on YuoTube in September 2018. On my channel, I post videos of new dolls, show them and talk about how and from what I made them. There are also recordings of live broadcasts in which I share with my subscribers what I am inspired by, I talk about my master classes. And of course, I post a variety of small lessons in which I show you how to make this or that creation, I share the technologies and secrets of creating dolls and other toys.
    My workshop
    Video tour of my workshop