Master classes

Schedule of master classes for 2022
"Live" master classes
In my "live" master classes, I tell and show various techniques that I use in making dolls from "A" to "Z". The listeners, as a rule, 10-12 people, under my leadership, independently create their dolls from scratch. Most of the materials, including the plastic itself, from which we make the doll, are included in the price of the MK. The listeners only need to bring a minimum of tools (scissors, needles, etc.), paints with brushes and a little patience and a lot of desire. The master class usually lasts 4 working days and at the end of it, the listeners have in their hands a finished doll, knowledge, diagrams and patterns for further independent work, as well as a diploma of completion of the course. I give master classes in Moscow and St. Petersburg, I can consider an offer to conduct an offsite course in another city.
This is how the training for master classes goes
Moscow. October 2018.
Online master classes
I teach online with Instagram. Such training is more democratic in cost, and affordable for the user: there is no need to go anywhere, and one smartphone will be enough for full participation. Online courses are very different, this is making an author's doll, and sewing doll clothes, making New Year's bunnies, accessories and stands for dolls, and much more. Everyone can find an online course for themselves. Training is carried out in closed groups, through live broadcasts for group members. All videos of the past broadcasts are saved and are available for further download to course listeners. Participants of the courses have access to all schemes for saving and patterns are required, as well as detailed photos with step-by-step instructions. All these materials: videos, photos, patterns and diagrams, after the end of the course, remain with the listeners for personal use forever. During the entire time of the online course, any participant can receive personal advice from me on their product: I will help to sort out errors, I will tell you how best to do it in each specific case, I will recommend it in choosing the design and the selection of accessories.
Video master classes
I have prepared video courses on some of my master classes: on an author's doll, on a bunny on creating a Teddy Doll, and others.
These courses are even more convenient than online mk.
First, there is a widescreen HD video that is convenient to watch on a computer, tablet or laptop. Yes, even on TV!
Secondly, you are not constrained in time: when you wanted to buy it, and when you wanted to, then look.
Thirdly, there are all the same materials as in the online mk: both diagrams and patterns and photographs of the process.
Fourth, these MCs are cheaper than online MCs.
And if you have any questions in the process, you can always ask me in personal correspondence.

Selection of materials, creation and decoration of outfits for designer dolls.
An example of a video that can be in video tutorials.
Feedback from trainees
  • Polina Inyakina is my idol in the world of dolls. Each of her dolls is a work of art, they have many details that you want to look at endlessly. How I wanted to learn how to make dolls that would at least a little resemble Polina's dolls!
    And so I signed up for an online course with Polina. I did not know how to sculpt at all, especially faces, and to be honest, the doll's head did not submit to me right away. At first I blinded her and saw that she was disgusting. And I thought that the dolls were not mine, I wanted to leave and not finish. But Polina didn't let me do this, she supported me, showed me how to fix everything and helped to fulfill her old dream - to learn how to make dolls.
    I learned from Polina very important things - that it is possible to do everything that your imagination is capable of. I am very grateful to Polina for opening the door to the world of dolls for me. Otherwise I would have stumbled on the threshold for a long time and was afraid to enter it.
  • For me, the course of the author's doll with Polina Inyakina was a real breakthrough! Before the course, I did not even know how to approach baked plastic and sculpting a face, and even more so to the hinges.
    I was interested in dolls for a long time, and I really wanted to do it myself, there were independent attempts, but only after Polina's course did courage and self-confidence appear!
    You will not leave this course without a doll and knowledge that you can easily apply over and over again. Almost everyone on the course was newbies and they all got beautiful dolls. In addition, the atmosphere at Polina's courses is always fabulous and cozy. Polina, like a fairy, surrounds people with the beauty of her works and disposed benevolence!
    Ada Fishbone
    Ada Fishbone
  • Passed several master classes by Polina Inyakina: on a doll (full-time) and a bunny (online). The master classes are informative, the master explains everything intelligibly, shares his knowledge, best practices, secrets. The atmosphere at the MK is friendly. I liked MK very much. Thanks to Polina for creative inspiration.
  • I went to Polina's online MK for a bunny, it was a very inspiring MK, which took place in the format of live broadcasts, I really like this format, it charges with a creative atmosphere, it is cozy and sincere. On her MK, Polina not only gives patterns and teaches how to create this particular toy, but gives much more, talks about different ways of using the materials that are available, and these skills can be used in creating other toys. I discovered many new ways to decorate fabrics for myself.