Ilsa - that is the name of the circus Teddy Doll. The girl was born during my online Teddy Doll making workshop in the summer of 2020. The body is padded, dressed in a non-removable fur jumpsuit. The height of the doll is 30 cm, with ears - 34 cm.
The head has a baked plastic hairdo, connected to the body by a hinge, the hair is created using velvet powder and sequins. There are bunny ears with magnets. Painted with acrylic paints.
Handles: baked plastic wrist and elbow, articulated hands. Hands are inlaid with Swarovski jewelery crystals. Legs made of baked plastic, inlaid with Swarovski jewelery crystals.
Non-removable socks and sneakers on the legs. The doll is wearing a dress made from original Tilda fabrics and ribbons. There is a decorative collar. The image is complemented by a tiara and a magic wand.
The doll can sit with a support or stand on the support that comes with the kit.
The ensemble is supplemented with the following accessories: a decorative circus stage made in the Roombox style, the base is cardboard, the design used Tilda paper, brads, mushrooms and decorative elements (angels) made of self-hardening plastic. Dimensions: 50 cm by 23.5 cm.
Hare Edward is a third-generation magician, Ilsa's assistant. Made of baked plastic, covered with velvet powder, painted with acrylic paints. She was born in August 2020. Lives in China.

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