Lila - doll 28 cm high, with ears 32 cm. This is my first "girl" with molded hair. Hairstyle a la antique dolls, covered with velvet powder with sequins. Magnetic ears. 5 swivel mounts: neck and two in each hand, elbow and wrist. The legs are completely molded, on a thread fastening. Ears, legs and arms are covered with decorative painting, inlaid with Svarovsky rhinestones. Lila has fixed stockings and sandals, a bottom jumpsuit pair and two dresses. Lila has a companion: the hare Bloom, created in the image of a Soviet plastic toy. Bloom lives in his house and occasionally invites Lila to visit him. For the first time for my dolls, I made such a voluminous house, in the Roombox style. Both Lila and Bloom are made from Living doll baked plastic. She was born in spring 2020. Lives in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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