Snow White

Snow White is a girl who was born during my online master class on creating an author's doll, in November - December 2020. The doll is 30 cm tall.
Hairstyle: short curly hair, there are a pair of magnets in the head, which allows you to use a decorative hoop or crown. Painted with acrylic paints.
Baked plastic handles, wrist and elbow hinges on each hand. Hands and feet are inlaid with Swarovski jewelery crystals and decorated with painting. There is also inlay and painting on the body.
Snow White's wardrobe consists of: Corset - main fabric: Tilda from the first collection, Tilda ribbons. Corrugated tulle underskirt. Bottom top: piece of lace, antique cambric and mesh. Green dress: cotton and trimming ribbons. Dress - sundress: decorative ribbons Tilda, a fragment of an Indian sari. Fixed stockings and shoes.
The stand is in the form of an air gazebo, the base is cardboard and self-hardening plastic. There is a table for tea drinking, pink decorative trees, a companion - a fawn.
She was born in March 2021. Lives in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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